I am a visionary Director of Product Design, I empower teams to drive innovation and deliver world-class experiences.

With a proven track record of accelerating productivity by 30% and enhancing UI/UX, I align design strategies with business goals to lead organizations to industry prominence. By fostering bravery and cross-functional collaboration, I oversee efficient end-to-end design processes, ensuring user-centric products that exceed market demands.

With nearly two decades in the design industry, I excel in crafting and executing visionary design strategies, propelling teams to achieve their dreams and goals.


The implementation of a design system enabled the entire team of designers to work efficiently. Individual coaching and team structure were provided for each manager and designer to achieve their professional goals.

Three digital products that include a desktop web app for legal users, a desktop web app for clients, and a mobile native app for foreign nationals. These three cohesive experiences enable seamless collaboration among all parties involved in the immigration process.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Crafted and executed on design strategy and created exceptional user experiences for each product with market requirements and the executive team. Communicated design direction to other teams and worked with senior stakeholders to position product strategy. Guided junior members and contributed to an existing design system while also managing all creative for carrier focused products. Ran and facilitate user research activities, including interviews and usability tests alongside the UX Researcher to identify global market trends, enhance the users experience, and increase freight sales.


Trust the Process

Enjoy the journey and never stop learning.


Client meetings to address goals and vision, requirements, timeline, and budget to start.

User interviews, persona development, user journeys, and initial design system and patterns identified.


Low-, mid-, and high-fidelity prototypes were discussed and reviewed with the product team, engineering, and client


User testing insights informed the final workflows, designs, and future enhancement plan

Development & Launch

Engineering support and marketing collateral produced before the initial launch

Marketing Design

Campaign work including emails, landing pages, lead-gen promotional sites, and more.

Graphic Design

Explore some of my favorite designs including illustrations, layout, and branding.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out some photos I’ve taken around the world.